About us


We are a well-recognized, both nationally and internationally, producer of flags and other advertising printings, located in central Poland

We have 25 years of experience in printing on polyester textiles (knitwear, material). We work with the most recent technologies and current trends. Millions of meters that we have printed out in those years confirm our great experience and knowledge.

For our customers, we ensure the comprehensive and professional service on each stage of cooperation. We offer help and consulting in the areas of design, textile choice and printing technique.

The priority goal for our multiperson crew is to offer the highest quality and durability products. Numerous Customers confirm that we perfectly fulfil this goal.

Among our Customers, there are companies and corporations from almost every branch, organisations and state insitutions, the forces and several advertising agencies, for which we are the manufacturer and subcontractor. For all those we are professional in our branch. We strive to  make quality of our products and services as well as prices unbeatable.

International range

Flags manufactured by us, you can see also out of Poland.

For over ten years we have sent successfully a significant part of our manufacture abroad. Our foreign partners became convinced to the quality of our products, as the cyclical repeted  manufacturing orders can confirm. National flags manufactured by us wave on all continents in all Polish diplomatic legations.

Cooperation with Customers in the whole Europe is  for us a big honour but also a huge responsibility.

Environment protection

Care for natural environment is our priority. How we preserve it  reflects our culture and standard of civilisation.

In all manufacturing processes, we use biodegradable materials. We print with water dyes, which have apropriate certificates. The post-manufacture treatments, which we strive to minimalise, are segregated in appropriately signed containers and recycled in enviorment-friendly way. Heat,which arises during all manufacturing processes, especially finishing, because of using recuperation, is reused to heat the manufactured rooms. We constantly invest in environment-friendly high technogies.



We guarantee service on the highest level

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