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Advertising Flags

Advertising Flags are classed to standard of outdoor advertising.

Each company which wants to highlight its prestige, position and attachment to tradition wants to stand out from the crowd of other forms of advertisement should use just this dynamic and offbeat advertisement-carrier. 

Our company for decades has been manufacturing advertising flags.  We print them with the classic large-scale screen printing (layer printing) technique and the digital printing technique, with textile printer Mimaki up to 125 inches wide.

With screen printing we print both full palette of colors in PMS, RAL or HKS as well as rasters of CMYK. Therefore, we can print any kind of graphics on flags both simple tag or logo as well as most refined  multicolor graphics or tone transitions. Flags which are printed with screen printing technique are characterized by 100% dye penetration on the back of the flag,  excellent color saturation and exceptional resistance to light and UV radiation. Screen printing technique has been for several years dedicated to medium and large circulations of flags.

In the case of small circulation of flags, which are ordered by our Customers, we offer sublimation digital printing direct or transfer.

Flags printed by us are set in process of calendering or steaming in motive steam with certain temperature, press and humidity. Then, in special washing mashine they are ejected the excess of dye. Next stage is drying and stabilisation of printouts. The final stage is cutting them into separate pieces and sewing, packaging according to the order conditions.

We print flags on bleached  polyester knitwear and cloth – 100% FPE

On special request, we print on materials with certificate of incombustibility  B1

We print on materials with weight from 110g/m2 to 160 g/m2.

We use exclusively certificated, original pigments and inks dedicated to flags printing with screen printing and digital printing technique. It ensures excellent color saturation and highest resistance to light and UV radiation.

Constantly, we control quality of flags, which we manufacture.

As only one in Poland we print with large-scale screen printing technique on polyester satin materials. Flags, which are printed on this kind of textile are distinguished by beautiful silken shine. Because of high density, fiber splice is made the satin cloth from, colors printed on such flags are exceptionally saturated what makes these flags very effective.

In our sewing room, we are able to make each, even the most complicated kind of textile. We sew flags with strong double stitch and with threads of increased breaking strength. We have a very wide assortment of accesories to package flags.

 We always serve our Customers with professional advisory service in area of developing graphics for the flag, coloring, selection of printing technique, choice of the right material and kind of textile.

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