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Promotional textile banners are a great alternative to banners printed on PVC. Their advantage over traditional PVC banners is that they are made of biodegradable materials. We manufacture them from all types of knitwear and fabric, standard and precious, with the original texture and structure (for internal use).

Technology of banner production is identical as in case of flags.

In addition to poliester knitwear and polyester fabric of various weights, we also print banners on a special ecological non-woven fabric, which is gaining more and more recognition on the advertising market. It is characterized by low weight, good color reproduction and eco-friendliness, making it an ideal material for short-term applications.

For external applications in places exposed to strong gusts of wind, we print banners on the knitted mesh. The holes in the material pass air perfectly, which ensures long durability of advertisement-carrier. Textile banners are llocated outside as well as inside.

They look great at outdoor events, events or street demonstrations as well as at storefronts in shopping malls.

We are able to make any type of garment appropriate for the place and method of displaying a textile banner.

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