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Wingflag Politechnika 60×240

Flying banners, Beach flags, Wing flags

Beach flags, wing flags, flying banners, event flags, sail flags – this original and very attractive advertise-carrier gains more and more recognition among companies from almost every branch. It is visible during open air events: sports tryouts, gas station events or in front of car-services or car showrooms, as well as inside: during fairs or during presentations in retail parks. Its use limits only invention and ingenuity of our Customers. A huge asset of this product is its dynamics, in case of placement outside and of wind puffs and possibility of putting graphic on eye level.

For many years, we are one of the leading producers of wingflag systems . Flags to these systems are produced with screen printing technique or digital printing technique on dedicated for this purpose flag knitwear (115g/m2). Technology of fixing and sewing is in this case identical as in case of flags. Our offer includes wingflags in various sizes and shapes. There is also the possibility of dedicated production in line with the client’s expectations. Then we prepare a special template and we produce a prototype.

We have a very wide range of accessories for wingflag systems: masts (aluminum and steel) with appropriate tops and bases, which enable exposure on any type of basis. We also have covers for masts and flags and on special request we can make a cover for every type of base.

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Project details

  • Client: Company's Name
  • Date: 18 Jun 2015
  • Category: Office Design
  • Leader: Emily Davidson